So What is The Sad Girls Society anyway?

So…what is The Sad Girls Society anyway? You might be wondering because you’ve seen us on Instagram or you might be wondering because you’ve never heard of it before and you might be interested. (?) Whatever your reason is, we’ve explained it in short on our platforms but haven’t done anything in-depth. This post is where we do that.

Who is “we” you might ask? The Sad Girls Society is run by two sisters from Cincinnati, Ohio whose passion for creativity (namely through poetry and music) has driven us to create a community where like-minded people can join us. (Plus some side cash off of our t-shirts would help us out!)

In 2018, I, Lydia (the older sister) wrote and published a poetry collection called Essence of An Age. In this collection is a poem called The Sad Girls Society. What started out as a poem quickly became something more…though it wasn’t anything concrete in my mind yet. SGS was a concept, it was a community and a brand but it was very abstract. Now, with our line of t-shirts (and more products to come), SGS is becoming a little more defined. We’re still figuring it out, but we thought, “Why wait when all of the creative people we’re already connected with can be along for the journey and help us along?” You can help by purchasing our shirts, simply following, asking questions and sharing your own art and poetry with us!

Some questions you might be asking:

Do I have to be sad girl to become apart of it?

No, you can be anyone. The goal of SGS is to curate more creativity and to make things like poetry and art more accessible to people who may think it is “not for them” or think that one has to be a certain type of person to read/write poetry, enjoy art, etc. SGS isn’t about being sad or even romanticizing sadness, rather, it is about finding beauty in the mundane and in the extraordinary. It is about presenting the ideas of the world that everyone is familiar with in your own unique way. This is better explained in the poem itself which you can read here.

How exactly do I become apart of SGS?

Following us on Instagram, checking out our Etsy shop, reading our poetry or simply looking on from afar if you’d like are simple ways to start. You can join our official newsletter through our contact page. (Just make sure you tell us you want to join SGS.) Joining our newsletter with let you in on our pre-launch secrets, give you exclusive deals and automatically enter you into giveaways!

So…is it just shirts and poetry or…?

Right now, yes, just shirts, but we’re looking to expand clothing wise and begin an ebook/web type magazine where we feature the stories, experiences, poetry and art that YOU make. This is why joining our mailing list and following us on Instagram is important. If there is art or a story you wish to share, we want to be a medium through which you can do that! If you have further questions about this and/or would like to know more, please let us know! We will also be selling some of our own art prints for your journals and gallery walls.

Who exactly runs SGS?

Lydia Redwine (that’s me) is a self-published author of three fantasy novels and two poetry collections. I am a freelance editor and beta reader on the side. As a former classically-educated homeschooler, I found time to develop my poetic style during my high school years. Now, at the age of twenty, I strive to continue to write stories that are both refreshing and impactful.

Priscilla Redwine is sixteen years old and passionate about developing her own poetic style, her taste and talent in music, and her skills as a photographer. She enjoys capturing different moods in different manners of art. She is tastefully aware of the effect of both the visual and audible enjoyment within art.

Published by

Lydia Redwine

Lydia Redwine is a young indie author from Cincinnati, Ohio who aims to write work that is both refreshing and impactful. She has self-published four works including the first two books in her series Instruments of Sacrifice and two poetry collections. Join her mailing list for exclusive stories, deals on her clothing brand sad girl's society and more by contacting her through her website!

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