I wrote another poetry collection…

As some of you may know, last September (2018) I published my first poetry collection Essence of An Age which you can read a whole post about its creation here. Long story short, I wrote the collection because I needed to. Writing it reignited a love for writing that I had lost and allowed me to learn and grow in ways that I never expected.

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After its publication, I was convinced it would be a long time before I would write another collection. I thought I would need “a lot more life experience” before I could have more to write about. I thought this because I considered Essence of An Age to be a reflection of my life up until that point. Turns out, it is only a reflection of a year or two with some flashbacks. This new collection is the same. I drew on memory, imagery, and general things that inspire me to write. I wrote about relationships: wishful, romantic, platonic, and family. I referenced Shakespeare a lot and included poems inspired by being at Twenty One Pilots concerts.

Where Essence of An Age was a clear-cut book conceptually, this one is not. It is a scattered collection of thoughts, feelings, and reflections. It is a conglomeration of hopes, dreams, an angsty suburban life I’ve never lived, and putting myself into the coffins of Romeo and Juliet. Dramatic, yes. Very much so. Haha, I’m okay with that. I am currently describing this collection as solemn yet sweet. I am incapable, it seems, of writing poetry that is only depressing or only happy. My work lies in the middle ground.

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Furthermore, I had not expected to write this collection which has made the process all the more beautiful and exciting. On November 16th, 2019, I finished my second collection of poetry called The Blue Gabled House. The title is the same title as the nineteenth poem of the collection. This is intentional as I wrote the majority of this book at the age of 19.

Although I have finished the writing portion of this collection, I do not feel as though it were ready for publication. This is not to say I am unready to share it. I have already shared many of the poems on this blog and on my Instagram. I want it to be more than words. I want to include art to some degree but do not know, conceptually, what I want that to be. It is a work in progress and not one I am trying to plan too much.
When it feels ready, you will have the book.
Until then, you can add the book on Goodreads and follow my Instagram to read some of the poems. Or you can buy my first book Essence of An Age on Amazon. 
Funnily enough, this month (November) was supposed to be dedicated to writing 50,000 words for the fourth book in my fantasy series Instruments of Sacrifice for Nanowrimo. Also, that isn’t happening. But I am learning to be okay with some plans not working out and more beautiful things coming to fruition. I’m okay with having another finished book, and I can’t wait to see what is next and to share it all with you.

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Lydia Redwine

Lydia Redwine is a young indie author from Cincinnati, Ohio who aims to write work that is both refreshing and impactful. She has self-published four works including the first two books in her series Instruments of Sacrifice and two poetry collections. Join her mailing list for exclusive stories, deals on her clothing brand sad girl's society and more by contacting her through her website!

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