Title and Summary Reveal of Instruments of Sacrifice 3

In 2010 (wow…that was almost a decade ago), 10 year old me dreamed up a story about a lost princess with the ability to wield the four elements (no one else could) AND who was being hunted by the one and only Dark Lord who wanted her powers/her dead so he could have THE throne. Fortunately, after a lot more thought and writing and rebuffing of that idea, I published the first book in my fantasy series for young adults in 2016. This book Spirit Followers is the first of six and is nothing like what The Lost Princess would have been. The second, Keepers of the Crown, was published in March of this year. BUT even before Keepers was published, I was drafting away at book three who’s title and summary reveal is today!!!



(my first two babies ^^^) 

This book has taken a loooong time to draft. Far longer than any book I have ever drafted before. So, in celebration of finally having the first draft underway, I present to you the official summary and title of Instruments of Sacrifice 3.

Title reveals are somewhat of a huge thing for me as they are very prominent and revealing about the content of the actual book. For all 6 of the books in this series, the titles have been the one unchanging thing…and in a lot of ways, THE reminder of where the story is going. This book is no exception. So long story short, the title is a huge hint as to what or who is going to happen.

I wrote a post on this WIP a while ago revealing some other details which you can read here. But as a bit of a summary of that post, this book will be:

  • NOT A SEQUAL to SF and KoC, but rather a PREQUEL. You read that right: a prequel. The first of THREE actually.
  • There are far fewer main characters (only 2-3 pov’s this time.) Everything is on a smaller scale: number of characters, world/places readers will go, significant plot points, PAGE NUMBER (it won’t be the 600 monstrosity that was Keepers).
  • It will follow two characters that readers of Keepers of the Crown have already met.
  • It will primarily take place in an ancient middle-eastern desert-inspired landscape and culture.
  • It will feature retellings of two significant stories from the Bible: the flood and the exodus.
  • You do have to read it if you want to read the final book in the series, but you do not have to have read the previous releases to read this one. (The prequels aren’t really optional lol sorry.)


and now…

Instruments of Sacrifice: Time Passers

Far before the Crown of Caelae came to Mirabelle, it was found in the hands of Ilea Sukarno when she was led into the kingdom of Perez by the desert’s most notorious assassins, the Jarhira. After an accidental display of her magical abilities, Ilea sets out to rescue the slaves of Perez as well as to discover why her old acquaintance, a Shadow Bearer who calls himself Leviathan, has made himself close to the kingdom’s ruling court. Her quest does not go as planned, however, when she crosses paths with the youngest son and daughter of the ruling family, Perez’s once most wanted criminal, her own past, and her own god Elyon who is unleashing plagues that will leave Perez – and its people – broken forever. 

TP title page

No, this is not an official cover. That will come later! 

AND. Here are a couple of cool things to go with it: A Pinterest board with lots of visual ideas. And a Spotify playlist of all the songs I’ve been listening to while writing and editing.

Also, an excerpt. Just a little taste:

The seemingly never-ending sand swelled into a city, and the sea which glimmered scarlet was left behind. 

Ilea Sukarno clutched her thin shawl tighter around her head so she might shield her eyes from the wind which was now spinning the sand into a torrent. She had experienced sandstorms at least a dozen times since they had left the encampment. And now, as the sand was lifting enough to block the city from view, she knew what to do. 

Masking her face was her first priority. She wrapped the shawl around her mouth and nose. Next, get to higher ground to wait out the storm. 

Well, there is a city ahead…plenty of high ground there, she thought. But that thought brought her no sense of relief. The city only allowed dread to curl in the pit of her stomach. And those with her, those following the men and women leading them into the city, must be feeling the same. 

Ilea glanced ahead at what she could see of those leading them. The slave traders of Perez had endured many sandstorms to trek into the desert lands to find victims they would gift to the rulers of their land. This was nothing to them. 

But the ropes burning against Ilea’s flesh meant everything. They were the symbol of the stories she had heard of the Perezian slave traders who often implemented such a title for a more…cutting one. Assassin. Jarhira, they were called. The word meant black, or knife, or both perhaps. At least, that is what Ilea surmised by the markings of such an object they left in the homes they stole their victims from. 

Ilea glanced to her right. Or was it her left? Her head was light, her stomach roiling. She could barely feel her legs anymore. She looked towards the figure trudging closest to her. The man’s graying beard shuddered in the wind. She knew his bright blue eyes to be intent, his features contorted into focus. 

At the sight of him, a man she thought of as a friend in a world she had had few she could so, she felt a sharp pang of betrayal. She knew betrayal well. It had walked beside her like a shadow for the past hundred or so years. 

The Jarhira came into the desert to steal people and make them slaves. But this was the first time that one who would become enslaved summoned them. 




Published by

Lydia Redwine

Lydia Redwine is a young indie author from Cincinnati, Ohio who aims to write work that is both refreshing and impactful. She has self-published four works including the first two books in her series Instruments of Sacrifice and two poetry collections. Join her mailing list for exclusive stories, deals on her clothing brand sad girl's society and more by contacting her through her website!

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